Our Pedalo Addventure in Numbers (and one beautiful infographic)

We wanted to have a summeer holiday that was filled with adventure, culture, sport, new discoveries and plenty of fun. But our summer holiday was only 1 1/2 weeks away and we still didn’t have a plan. This all changed very quickly as soon as we found a bright yellow pedalo on eBay and our adventure senses started tingling

Within one and a half months we had renovated the boat, taken it to Prague, lived to tell the tale of an adventure-filled pedalo expedition and passed our beloved Boatle on to new owners. We got everything we wanted – adventure, culture, sport, new discoveries, plenty of fun and so much more as well. And all completely spontaneously! Matthes made this infographic showing all the highlights of the tour, more details can be found in the trip reports.

We hope you enjoy it and see you soon on the next addventure (planning already in progress!)

infographic, trip report, boatle, pedalo, elbe, river
All the facts and details you always wanted to know about our pedalo tour at a glance!

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