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2 thoughts on “Kontakt

  1. Hi, Sarah 😉

    I was visiting Warm Showers and I wanted to contact you in some way.

    Firstly I will introduce myself: My name is Diego Macaya and we are implementing a passionate site for passionate bike travelers: WOOW.bike (this video shows part of our “philosophy”: https://youtu.be/8cMnvqwIhCk).

    In a nutshell: Bike is my passion.

    I am now working on the launch of several “top-class” cycle-guides for travelers around the world.

    At this time I am preparing a cycling guide for Berlin, so I am searching for local contributors willing to share their knowledge about Berlin from a cycling perspective.

    I would love to make you a brief interview about tips and recommendations from the perspective of an international traveler visiting your destination on a bike.

    The idea is to count on an “exquisite” selection of contributors per destination around the world. I suspect your information can be really valuable.

    I hope it sounds good to you. Can we keep in touch? It would be awesome. I can send you a questionnaire, we can get by Skype, Facebook… Whatever!!

    Hope to hear from you…
    Thank you very much.

    My best wishes

    Diego Macaya
    Twitter: @diegomacaya

  2. Hi Diego,

    Your video looks really cool. I’ve sent you an email and hope I can help you out with this project.

    Speak soon!


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