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Our raft tour down the Danube is already three weeks ago and we’ve quickly been caught up in back into everyday life and autumn has settled in for good. Not to be got down by a bit of rain, we’re keeping ourselves warm with  training runs (Sarah’s marathon is just over a week away and I’m running the Dragonheart Battle in 10 weeks! Anyone want to join?!) and with fond memories of our wonderful time on and along the Danube where we had so many exciting experiences, met so many new people and learnt so much about raft-building and about ourselves.

You can see everything that we lost, built and repaired here in our infographic:

infographic adventure statistics danube raft
How we built the raft and how we far we travelled all in one infographic

Our daily average was somewhat below what we had expected due to necessary repair work, lock waiting times and the extreme heat, but the experience we had along the way exceeded all expectations. And the breaks for swimming and ice cream were definitely worth it! We were asked multiple times for our boat driver’s licence and raft permit so we were certainly glad we had filled in all our paperwork correctly. Daniel, one of the guys who gave us a helping hand with repair work, rather fittingly described our raft construction as “a prototype”, i.e. it can only get better! We still have a few smart ideas how we can improve the raft when we rebuilt it next year and take it from Vienna to Belgrade. For one thing, the Donau Stube’s plants will be better secured in place! Let’s see how many representatives from different countries we can get on board next year.


This post was originally written in German by Matthes and has been translated in English by Sarah. You can read the German version here.

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